3 Reasons Churches Stop Using the New Movers’ List

For many decades, churches have used new movers’ lists as a way to reach those new to their area. But times are changing, and today, fewer and fewer churches are using this avenue in their outreach. Here are three reasons why:

The Accuracy of the List

Many pastors have become disenfranchised with the new movers’ list because of the lack of accuracy of the list. Many marketing databases have lumped sources into one big database and have then offered access to their lists. The lists are affordable but include all the refinances and utility bill changes along with the true new movers. This makes the list very unpredictable. Other companies take the time to purge and separate their lists, but then charge more – which brings us to reason #2…

The Cost of the List

Database companies that offer more accurate lists charge accordingly. Many times the cost will be based on the number of contacts provided or the number of zip codes requested. And many charge a minimum fee regardless. This cost has often discouraged churches from using the new movers’ list especially in more urban areas. Companies that provide 100, 200, or even 1,000 contacts a month will charge $50 – $100 a month.

Decline in Outreach Enthusiasm

Some churches have stopped using the new movers’ list due to a decline in outreach volunteers and enthusiasm. If churches are not careful, they can quickly let a small group of people shoulder all or most of the workload of the church. Oftentimes, when this occurs, outreach and ministries decline and eventually are left off. Many pastors may get discouraged in times of economic decline and feel that people are only moving out.


Maak Ministry offers new movers’ lists that are both accurate and affordable. These lists, if used right, can bring fresh enthusiasm and excitement to a church’s outreach ministry. With a generation distracted more than any generation before it, it important that churches determine to fight for their attention so that they might hear the Gospel. With a new movers’ list, churches can send postcards and mailers, have prayer teams pray for the new movers, make visits, and even use their list in social media to spread the message via that media as well.

To signup for a new movers; list in your area, call 717.271.9629 or email me at andy@newmoversforchurches.com

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  1. Hey Andy, We have been interested and contacted a company (Outreach) to mail out postcards for us each month. The final payment had not been made, only the setup. They were going to charge around $70 a month with the area I had chosen. THEY were sending out the cards, which, is the convenience. How is Maak different?

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