New Church + New Movers’ List = New Visitors


In September of 2016, Pastor Steve Boots started a church plant in Glen Allen, VA just outside of Richmond. Recently, he started receiving the new movers’ list in his area. With a small group of people, they began praying, writing postcards, and visiting the folks on the list. And God blessed!

Here is an excerpt from his latest update:

 In addition to knocking on many new doors, we have tried another approach that seems to be working here in our area. This county is in such a developmental stage that we are seeing many people move to this area. For that reason, we have begun getting a monthly list of all the new move-ins into this area. They are true move-ins, having moved from at least fifty miles away. (The list is very reliable, and I would be happy to share my source if you would like it.) The circle of outreach we chose is a five mile radius from our meeting place, and in January alone, we had 115 people move here. I had postcards printed that we split up between many different people in the church. Each person takes part of the list; writes a short, personalized note that I drafted; and mails their stack of postcards. We are then going back to visit every person who got a postcard, and I have to tell you, the reception has been wonderful. I have found that most people act like they already know you because they received a personalized card, so they are much more open to what we have to say about the gospel and about the personal invitation to church.  – Pastor Steve Boots, February-March 2017 Update

You can read the entire update here.  We are excited about what is happening in Glen Allen, VA. To learn more about how to receive a new movers’ list in your area, please call 717.271.9629 or email me at


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